Just moved to Athens

May 29, 2014
Athens Ioanna Lampropoulou

So, here’s to a new start for me *raising a glass*.

Athens can be a hard place. It really feels that you live in one of Europe’s largest cities, that you are in a truly international spot, that Athens has its own rules. Wild and noisy. But I also got saddened as I was to discover the beauty in it. The opportunities and the super friendly people. It’s the friendliest and most open city I’ve ever lived in. Everything is so comfortably… transient. People come and go. Times passes so fast here.

If you live in Athens, or visit often, please leave a comment below with any tips, advice, suggestions about places I should visit or areas I should avoid 😛


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  • Reply Helena May 29, 2014 at 13:33

    Lovely post!
    Great that you find yourself happy in Athen.
    Have a fab day!

  • Reply Ioanna Lampropoulou May 29, 2014 at 14:14

    @Helena: Thanx dear! Best wishes to you too :*

  • Reply Elena Sardella May 29, 2014 at 21:45

    Καλώς όρισες Ιωάννα μου στην Αθήνα! Θα σου μάθουμε όλα τα “καλά” στέκια και τα μυστικά της πόλης μας σιγά-σιγά…. Θα πρότεινα όμως βόλτες στο Μοναστηράκι, στου Ψυρρή και μια βόλτα στον πεζόδρομο του Θησείου για ποτό με θέα την φωταγωγημένη Ακρόπολη! Φιλιά! 🙂

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